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    乐虎国际登录-Jiangsu Yuyue medical equipment & supply Co., Ltd. had grown very fast since it was founded. In the past ten years, it has experienced the following three stage:

    Stage I: Foundation and Development(1998 to 2004)
    Jiangsu Yuyue Medical grew to a professional expert of medical oxygen supply and rehabilitation products in these years. And it transformed the core-competitiveness from manufacturing to R&D gradually.

    Stage II: Independent R&D and Brand building(2004 to 2007)
    With continuous investment in independent R&D and close cooperation with universities and research institutes, the company was awarded High-tech enterprises and Research Center of medical diagnosis and nursing device of the local province. And yuwell sphygmomanometer and yuwell wheelchair were awarded "Chinese famous brand" by Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC. It is the first company to get this honor in the industry and also the unique company which owns two. In August 2007, the yuwell brand was awarded “Chinese Famous Trademark” by State Administration of industry and commerce of the PRC.
    The brand building laid a good foundation for sales. Now yuwell has been the leader of rehabilitation nursing and medical oxygen supply industry, and multiple products has reached No.1 market share in China.

    Stage III: Technological innovation and Capital operation(2007 till now)
    April 2008, the company listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Then company increased input in technological innovation and development of products with the support of capital market. What’s more, yuwell grew with amazing speed by merger and acquisition.

    乐虎国际登录 Event
    1998 Established in Danyang, Jiangsu Province.
    2001 Production base in the Development Zone came into use.
    2004 President & Manager Mr. Wu awarded the 2nd China "love donation award".
    2005 乐虎国际登录 Yunyang Industial Park came into use.
    2007 乐虎国际登录-Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment & Supply Co., Ltd official established.
    2007 乐虎国际登录 brand was awarded “Chinese Famous Trademark”.
    2007 乐虎国际登录 wheelchair were awarded "Chinese famous brand"
    2008 乐虎国际登录 listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
    2008 乐虎国际登录 purchased Yancheng Diling Medical thermometer Co., Ltd.
    2008 乐虎国际登录 became a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province.
    2009 乐虎国际登录 purchased Suzhou Medical Appliance Factory(Hwato).
    2009 乐虎国际登录 oxygen concentrator and electronic blood pressure monitor won the China Red Star Design Award.
    2009 乐虎国际登录 set Jiangsu Postdoctoral Research Station.

    2009 乐虎国际登录 was awarded key Hi-Tech enterprises of the National Torch Program.
    2009 乐虎国际登录 information center(Nanjing) established and came into use.
    2010 President & Manager Mr. Wu awarded Provincial Private Entrepreneurs.
    2010 President & Manager Mr. Wu became a member of Chinese Business Council.
    2010 乐虎国际登录 entered Forbes China potential enterprises list.
    2010 乐虎国际登录 became one of the medical equipment suppliers in Shanghai World Expo.
    2010 乐虎国际登录 won China most potential listed company.
    2011 President & Manager Mr. Wu was awarded the best CEO of non-state-owned listed companies by Forbes.
    2011 President & Manager Mr. Wu was elected the first batch of scientific and technological entrepreneurs of Jiangsu Province.
    2011 President & Manager Mr. Wu won 10 outstanding entrepreneurs of Jiangsu Province
    2011 Suzhou Yuyue Medical Technology Co., Ltd. established and came into use, which covers more than 100,000㎡.
    2012 President & Manager Mr. Wu won China's outstanding innovative entrepreneurs
    2012 乐虎国际登录 oxygen concentrator won the the highest China design award.
    2012 President & Manager Mr. Wu donated 1 million usd to Danyang Middle School of Jiangsu Province as talent special funds.
    2012 Jiangsu Yuyue Technology Development Co., Ltd.(Nanjing R&D center) established and came into use.
    2013 乐虎国际登录 Santiago(US)R & D Center set.
    2014 President & Manager Mr. Wu was elected the member of the CPPCC of Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Pro.
    2014 乐虎国际登录 Tuttlingen(GER)R & D Center and Taiwan R & D Center set.
    2014 乐虎国际登录 purchased Suzhou Sunspirit Co., Ltd.
    2015 乐虎国际登录 won the No.1 Brand of China Homecare Medical Device.
    2015 乐虎国际登录 Life Science and Technology Industrial Park(Investment: $ 500
    million,Area: 165 acres)started constructing and will come into use in 2017.
    2015 乐虎国际登录 purchased Shanghai Medical Instruments (Group) Co., Ltd.
    2015 乐虎国际登录 purchased Wandong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. from China resourse.
    2015 President & Manager Mr. Wu was elected the member of TNC(The Nature Conservancy).